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Afro gulf Relations


Meeting Dr. Manso...

I had the honor of meeting Dr. Mansour Khalid, founder of Sudanese diplomacy and the former Minister of Foreign Affairs. Although the meeting was devoted for the issue of north and south Sudan, but talking to a scholar such as Dr. Mansour involved other dimensions. I discussed with him his most important books like “The False Dawn”, “Sudan and the Historical Dilemma”, “The Paradox of Two Sudans”, “Instability and the lack of Stakes” besides other publications which formulated my political thought and guided me to deeply understand Sudanese society and the roots of the crisis that will not come to an end by the secession of South Sudan.
When I left Dr. Mansour’s house, he recommended me saying: "I am proud of your distinguished fieldwork as a Gulf citizen on the African continent. I hope that you will not change your course; no matter how hard it is towards Africa, for Africa has a lot to understand and witness in actuality before you can judge.


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