Afro gulf Relations
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Afro gulf Relations


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At the kind invitation of Timbuktu Institute- African Center for Peace Studies in Senegal, I headed to the Senegalese capital Dakar in August 2016. I was hosted by Professor Bakary Sambe, the AU delegate for peace and a group of African researchers from the Republic of Senegal and the Republic of Mali.
At the African Center for Peace Studies, I delivered an academic symposium on the importance of the Afro-Gulf relations in general and the Gulf-Senegalese relations in particular which I deem limited to the investment aspect only. I emphasized at that symposium that the Gulf-Senegalese relations vary from one Gulf country to the other; The State of Kuwait laid the foundation for these relations in the 1960’s, contrary to the rest of Gulf countries which initiated relations with Dakar in a later stage.

Topics of the symposium were published in Al-Sahwa Senegalese newspaper. The study on the Gulf-Senegalese relations was also published at the Timbuktu Research Institute, Al-Anba Kuwaiti newspaper, and Al-Bayan UAE newspaper. For the whole academic study, please refer to the studies and research section of this website.


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