Name: Amina Alarimi

Nationality: United Arab Emirates

Academic Qualification: PhD, Political Science

  • Head of the Department of Political Science and African Studies at the University of Minnesota, USA, Senegal.
  • Professor of Political Science at the Islamic University of Minnesota, Senegal Branch
    Co-author of the African Strategic Report.
  • Member of the Advisory Board of Al-utroha Journal for Scientific Publishing in the Republic of Iraq
  • Member of the Advisory Board of The Africa Report Magazine
  • Associate member of the African Center for Peace Studies in Senegal
  • Political writer and researcher, Al- Bayan Newspaper, UAE
  • Co-author, Al-Anba Newspaper, Kuwait
  • Writer and political analyst at the Mogadishu Center for Research and Studies, Republic of Somalia
  • Co-author, the Nile Basin Studies Journal, Republic of the Sudan
  • Co-author, the Iraqi-African Center in the Republic of Iraq
  • Writer at the African Center for Studies, Republic of Somalia
  • Writer at the Union of African Scholars, the Republic of Mali
  • Co-author, Peace for the Horn of Africa Newspaper, issued in the Kingdom of Sweden
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